What dietary requirements do you cater for? 

We do our best to cater for those with specific dietary requirements such as vegetarians, pescatarians, vegans & those with intolerances.

Unfortunately we have been advised by Food Standards Agency to not serve customers with allergies even though we follow all the guidelines of safe preparation and storage, clean regularly and use separate equipment. We do have a very small kitchen and cannot dedicate a space as ‘free from’. We deal with nearly all the 14 allergens and therefore we cannot guarantee that cross contamination would not occur when preparing your meals.

We take allergens very seriously and at no point do we want to take any risks that could lead to anaphylactic shock and potentially death.

Therefore we follow all the guidance we are given by FSA. 

We are happy for those customers to bring their own food into the cafe to eat with their family, or if we are given at least 48 hours notice we may be able to source some pre-packaged 'free from' food for you for when you visit.

Please ring 01690 710 336 to discuss your requirements before making a booking. 

Can you cater for special events? 

Yes! We can cater for any special event, whether that is a:

Baby Shower 
Wedding reception
Business evening events

Whatever the reason we can help you out! 
The manager and team will listen to what you would like and provide you with several options for your day or evening event. 

A quote will be provided before you commit to booking. 

We usually require reasonable notice of 2 weeks. 

If you would like to discuss your upcoming event with the manager and team in more detail, please call 01690 710 336 or email manager@conwyfalls.com.